24 Oct

Selling a house is one of the toughest choices that individuals make. To an individual who has raised a family in a particular house, it is no longer a house but a home. The same goes for individuals who have inherited property from their parents or guardians. Parting with such property is not an easy task emotionally because of the memories that live in such as a home. But sometimes due to one reason or the other, the decision to sell is inevitable, and therefore the homeowner has to find a quick way to sell the property. There are several ways of selling a house one of them is through a realtor or a real estate company, and the other is to sell to a real estate investor. Know more here at mbhomebuyers.com

When dealing with a real estate agent, the agent does not buy the house but acts as a middleman who looks for buyers on your behalf. But before the real estate agent puts your home up for sale, they do a checkup of the house and ensure that the necessary repairs or upgrades are done. These repairs are done on the owner's cost. After the house has undergone the renovations needed, the realtor begins the process of looking for a buyer. On the other hand, when selling a home to a real estate investor or a cash buyer, they estimate the value of your house and make an offer. If the seller and the buyer agree on the price, the transaction is completed with a cash transfer and signing of the necessary documents. From the above evidence, a real estate investor is undoubtedly the fastest way of selling a house. Selling to a real estate investor has further advantages such as follows.

First of all, there are no commissions to be paid when dealing with a real estate investor. As explained earlier, a real estate agent is merely a middleman and must be paid a certain percentage of commission when he sells a house through his agency. This payment is an expense on the owner's behalf hence reduces the portion of the money an owner would have earned. When the commission, repair costs and other costs which might accrue before the house is sold are summed together, they could take up more than a third of the total value of the home.

The second benefit is that a lot of time is saved when you sell your house to a cash buyer. This is because the transaction is instant if the two parties agree on the price. When selling a home through a realtor, the seller depends on the market forces and the realtor's abilities to find a buyer. This could take up to six months before the house is sold. Learn more info from MB Home Buyers pays cash for houses.

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